Webinar: What Matters Now: Using Data to Make the Pivot

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As the country comes out of the economic funk created by the Covid-19 crisis, brands and retailers have to rely on data to help guide them through the “New Consumer World.” There are various types of data that are designed to create a roadmap towards the future. With the future looking nothing like the past, how can we tap into the data sources that will change our thinking, modify our strategies and then help the industry better implement to meet the needs of the changing consumer environment?

  • What is most important in the current landscape
  • What the data is telling us about the future
  • Making the pivot into the new consumer landscape
  • Building the roadmap that can guide you on how to met the needs of consumers

Date: Thursday, June 9, 2020
Time: 2:00 PM (EST)

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Expert Panelist:

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Neil Schwartz brings over 26 years of experience in market research and consumer insights to TGP Insights. The last 16 years, he has focused on the active lifestyle categories in sports, fitness, outdoor and athleisure. Neil currently works with leading data providers like Channel Signal and Prosper Insights & Analytics, to offer the most timely and actionable data for the industry. Neil was previously Vice-President of Market Insights for SportsOneSource, focused on helping brands, retailers and the financial community get the most possible from the SportScan, POS reporting service. Prior to that, Neil was Director of Research for the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, (SFIA). Neil is considered an industry expert and thought leader when it comes to understanding consumer trends and habits. Neil is frequently called by the trade and mainstream media to provide valuable insights and commentary. Neil is also the co-host of “Sport Lifestyle Podcast”, which is featured on both iTunes and other podcast platforms.

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SFIA is the leading global trade association in the sports & fitness industry. SFIA is the #1 source for sport & fitness research. More info at www.sfia.org.

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