Webinar: Survive and Advance: Important Contract and Insurance Coverage Issues for Businesses in the COVID Era — AVAILABLE NOW

On Tuesday, May 5, SFIA hosted a webinar with Miles & Stockbridge attorneys, covering legal principles and practical considerations that will guide businesses, insurers, policyholders, and ultimately the courts as businesses seek contractual relief or insurance coverage for losses attributable to the COVID pandemic. Matt Wagman and Josh Kahn discuss contractual and common law defenses available to businesses that cannot meet their contractual commitments during the pandemic. They review sample force majeure clauses and discuss several court decisions interpreting how these clauses operate.

Joe Beavers discusses insurance coverage claims for COVID-related business losses, including event cancellation claims, business interruption claims, and other coverage issues. They offer insights on key coverage issues, potentially applicable exclusions, and ways to maximize insurance coverage for COVID losses.

Points of Insight:

  • An often overlooked “boilerplate” clause in most contract may be critical in today’s world
  • Common law defenses that may provide relief to businesses unable to meet contractual obligations
  • Maximizing insurance coverage for losses arising from pandemics
  • Event cancellation insurance claims
  • Business interruption insurance claims

Expert Panelists:

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Joshua Kahn
Josh is a member of the SFIA Legal Task Force. Josh represents clients in a wide variety of lawsuits, including class actions, with a primary focus on product liability and contract litigation. Josh’s clients include some of the nation’s largest manufacturers, retailers and insurers, small regional firms, and government agencies. Josh helps clients understand the business risks and costs of each dispute to identify matters that should avoid the courtroom and those that must be litigated. Where litigation is unavoidable, Josh has spearheaded investigations to develop winning strategies, successfully argued case-ending motions, defeated class certification attempts, and successfully tried cases to verdict.

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Matthew Wagman
Matt is a member of the SFIA Legal task Force. He is a litigator who focuses his efforts on solving his client’s business problems. Although his litigation/trial practice is concentrated on the defense of personal injury, property damage and contract claims for numerous large, mid-size, and small companies, Matt knows the importance of acting as a business counselor first and a litigator second. Matt is National Coordinating Counsel for international manufacturers, as well as Regional Counsel for numerous Fortune 500 manufacturing clients. In that capacity, Matt regularly appears in the state and federal courts in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

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Joseph Beavers
Joe’s practice focuses on the representation of policyholders in insurance coverage litigation. He regularly advises clients regarding risk management issues, including the procurement and maintenance of insurance assets. He also conducts forensic insurance coverage investigations, reconstructing and analyzing historic insurance assets. Joe represents and advises policyholders regarding insurance coverage issues arising from environmental claims, lead-paint claims, mold claims, D&O claims, business interruption claims and various other mass tort claims.

Joe also represents clients in environmental and mass tort litigation involving multiple parties and multiple claims. He also defends manufacturers, retailers and other businesses in a variety of litigation matters, maintaining an active caseload in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan region defending negligence, products liability and wrongful death claims.

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Alex Creticos
Alex maintains a general litigation practice at both the trial and appellate levels. His primary focus is representing policyholders in insurance coverage disputes, which includes both advising clients regarding risk management and representing their interests in litigation. He handles all types of coverage claims implicating all types of policies. In addition to his insurance coverage practice, Alex regularly represents clients in commercial and environmental litigation. He also has experience litigating product liability and mass tort cases.

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