SFIA Signs on to Support Visits to Recreational Parks During COVID

Provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

According to the CDC, it is incredibly important to stay physical active while isolating yourself from others. Many people are in search of new activities, outside areas to explore and a change of scenery. Luckily, many parks, trails and recreation spaces are still open across the country, and the CDC is encouraging individuals to take advantage of the space and beauty they provide as long as individuals abide by CDC guidelines and restrictions. For instance, you should continue to practice social distancing while visiting a park, and you should always be prepared, (i.e. bring your own water bottle, instead of having to rely on a fountain). On the other hand, do not use playgrounds or participate in organized sports.

The biggest takeaway is: enjoy the outdoors and isolate yourself. This will allow you to be physically active in a new environment, keeping your mental and physical health a top priority. Click here for the full article.

In addition, the SFIA, along with 1,000+ other organizations, has signed on to the NRPA joint statement in support of safe use of parks during COVID-19. Check out the full letter here.



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