SFIA Negotiates a Reduction on NOCSAE Fee for Lacrosse Balls

SFIA works with its members to reduce NOCSAE license fee increase for lacrosse

NOCSAE Spikes Fees

The Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) has been working with members who are licensees of the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) in a joint effort to reduce the proposed NOCSAE license fee increase on lacrosse balls. This increase would impose higher fees on all manufactured lacrosse balls intended for high school game play.

SFIA Pushes Back — Reduces Cost

NOCSAE initially planned an increase of 150% per ball, raising the cost to five cents per each ball made. SFIA, working with its members, was able to reduce NOCSAE’s planned increase from three cents to one cent per ball, saving the industry significant dollars over the long term.

SFIA Delays Implementation Date

In addition, this NOCSAE license fee increase for all products certified by NOCSAI/SEI was scheduled to go into effect immediately. However, at SFIA’s request, the implementation date was delayed until to April 1, 2018, allowing all NOCSAE licensees more time to implement the increased fees.

“SFIA is continuously working to serve, protect and educate all members, allowing them to optimize all changes and opportunities that arise,” stated John Peters, VP of Business Development at SFIA.

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