SFIA Launches COVID-19 Resource Guide for the Sports & Fitness Industry

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The world has been devastated by the rapid spread of COVID-19. Amidst the fear and anxiety lies vast uncertainty. Whether it be uncertainty regarding the future of your company, legislation and/or the economy, SFIA is here to assist. We have compiled various resources to help you understand and access relief that may be available to your business, as well as information relevant to your business operations and workplace. Although it is hard to prepare for these unprecedented situations, it is in your best interest to stay knowledgeable.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Contact: Alli Schulman, Manager of Marketing & Communications, aschulman@sfia.org

For the full resource guide, please click here.

  • Legislation Updates
  • SFIA Webinars
  • Sports & Fitness Industry Response Amid COVID Crisis
  • Small Business Resources
  • Workplace Guidelines and Projections
  • Sport & Health Amid COVID Crisis
  • NIH & CDC Guidelines & Restrictions

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