There has been some confusion concerning the SFIA Football Glove Certification program, and where it is accepted. The NFHS, the NCAA and Pop Warner all require gloves to be certified to a fairness of play standard, which can be accomplished in one of the following two ways:

· The gloves must meet the SFIA Certification
· The gloves must meet the NOCSAE/SEI Certification.

The glove must carry the SFIA label OR the NOCSAE label to indicate that it has met the required standard.
NOTE: It is not necessary, or required, that a glove carry the NOCSAE label in addition to the SFIA label. Only one certification is acceptable for play.

As of this notice, ALL major brands of football gloves are using the SFIA Football Glove Standard and certification program.

Below is a screenshot from the NFHS website, indicating their support of the SFIA Football Glove program, as well as a sample glove showing a typical SFIA mark placement.

Please click here for a full list of gloves currently certified through the SFIA program.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact Gregg Hartley at:
Gregg Hartley, SFIA Consultant
Hartley Associated, LLC

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SFIA Certified Football Glove (Showing Label Placement)
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NFHS Supports SFIA Football Glove Certification Program

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