PHIT Update — PHIT Act Attracts 150th Cosponsor

The Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act (H.R. 1267 & S.482) remains on the verge of passage. As of today, we have officially reached 150 cosponsors — 134 members of the House and 16 members of the Senate. The political breakdown of our support remains divided evenly, with 72 republicans and 78 democrats as cosponsors.

A congressional report projected 15 percent hikes in insurance rates in October, which has Congress nervous. We are working hard with our PHIT Coalition partners to promote PHIT as part of bipartisan HSA Reform before the fall elections. The House Ways & Means Committee held a hearing on HSA Reform earlier this month and plans to mark-up an HSA reform bill in the next month. The congressional clock is ticking, and Congress knows they need to act or risk paying the price at the ballot box in November. Bipartisan healthcare reform is the only path forward so close to the elections and PHIT is perfectly positioned. SFIA and its partners continue to push Congress to support PHIT and promote bipartisan HSA Reform as way to improve healthcare in America.

As Americans continue to face financial burdens in all aspects of life, as a country, we cannot afford to restrict individuals’ health to what they can afford. Year after year, inactivity remains at alarmingly high rates, and the correlation between household income and inactivity levels becomes more and more severe. While it is clear that economics are influencing our increasingly unhealthy society, it is important to remember how much of our national budget is invested in caring for preventable chronic diseases each year. The PHIT Act is a win-win situation — Americans will have the opportunity to participate at lower costs, and therefore prevent chronic conditions that would cost them far more to treat. It’s simple: A small investment in health now will save you, and U.S. healthcare system, much more later in life.

This bill is something we truly believe in, as it has garnered great support across ideological lines of both parties, as well as across numerous industries. Stay tuned — We are going to get this done.

Be a part of this huge win, and let Americans know you support by using #PassPHIT!

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