NOCSAE Standards Committee Meets in Miami on July 23rd

During the recent meeting the NOCSAE Standards Committee, following on initial research done by the NFL, approved research to determine the possible role of shoulder pads in injuries in American football. Initial research shows that as much as 20% of concussions in football are caused by head to shoulder impacts. NOCSAE’s research will further explore the possible involvement of shoulder pads in concussions as well as other injuries related to the shoulder.

The long discussed revision to the NOCSAE Commotio Cordis standard ND200–19 was approved by the Standards Committee with an implementation date of January 31, 2023. Commotio Cordis protective devices certified under ND200–19 can be manufactured and sold until January 31, 2023, after which all new certified protectors must meet the revised standard ND200–23. There is a public comment period on the approval of the revision starting on July 23, 2021 for 45 days. After the comment period manufacturers may begin producing, certifying and distributing protectors that meet the new standard if available. US Lacrosse has mandated shoulder pads for field players meet the standard for play starting in 2022 as has the NFHS. The mandate can be met by protectors certified to ND200–19, or 23 when available.

During the meeting the Standards Committee reaffirmed the following standards for another five years without modification.

(1) ND043–11m16 Standard Performance Specification for Recertified Lacrosse Helmets

5-year affirmation

(2) ND035–11m16 Standard Performance Specification for Newly Manufactured Ice Hockey

Face Protectors 5-year affirmation

(3) ND032–11m16 Standard Performance Specification for Recertified Ice Hockey Helmets

5-year affirmation

(4) ND030–11m16 Standard Performance Specification for Newly Manufactured Ice Hockey

Helmets 5-year affirmation

(5) ND200–21 Test Method and Performance Specification Used in Evaluating

Additionally, continued development of the standard for Youth Football Helmets is being refined with further research on appropriate levels of rotational acceleration required for youth helmets.

NOCSAE has funded research into the need for and efficacy of helmets currently in the market for non-contact football. While being delayed due to school closures because of covid 19 NOCSAE expect research to be completed by January 2022 and review at that time.

In a significant revision to the AQL/QA-QC requirements the NOCSAE board approved a modification than moves baseballs from Level 3 to Level 2 AQL requirements. This should reduce the amount of product which is destroyed in the testing process.

SFIA which was a founding partner on NOCSAE in 1971 continues to represent the industry on the Standards Committee and the NOCSAE board with a permanent member on the board and member selected at large from the industry. Please contact Gregg Hartley with SFIA for additional information or questions.

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