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Tell me about the role USTA plays in the tennis industry.

Do you still operate on a membership basis?

We are big fans of your creative efforts. Can you tell us about some of your biggest initiatives to grow the game of tennis?

What do you mean by providing a “social” aspect to adult players?

Outside of all the programs, do you host tournaments, as well?

Which are the biggest tournaments you are responsible for?

As a member of the Physical Activity Counsel, what is the USTA doing to combat the inactivity pandemic plaguing America?

SFIA and USTA are both partners of the Project Play campaign #DontRetireKid. Your programs seem to strongly coincide with this initiative.

According to our 2018 State of the Industry Report, Cardio Tennis is one of the top 10 fastest growing sports in America — Is this an activity the USTA is interested in?

How do you see the USTA growing or transforming in the next 5–10 years?

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