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Brian Socolow, Co-Chair, Sports

How long has Loeb & Loeb been around?

How big is the firm?

When did you join the firm?

What are your areas of expertise?

What inspired you to start a career in law?

How do you see your services and expertise benefitting SFIA member companies?

Aside from sports, which industries do you work most closely with?

Can you speak to the specific issues that sports companies are facing trying to grow their brand and protect their brand that you’re able to help them with?

What is one thing you want the audience to know about you and/or your firm?

Are you planning to work with any new industries or markets, that say, maybe didn’t even exist 5–10 years ago?

Can you give any more detail on the legal implications that tend to be more prevalent in the esports/gaming world than in the traditional sports market?

How do you compare the growth of the esports/gaming market to the growth of the traditional sports market in the next 10–15 years, regarding size?

How do you see your practice/business changing within the next 5 years?

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