Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB) Update

All petitions have been submitted and are now being reviewed. The next step in the process is the 45-day public comment period, which begins this Friday, January 10th, and will remain open through February 24th. During this time, domestic manufacturers of products seeking MTB relief can make their case for satisfying consumer demand via production in their U.S. factory.

The USTR will review domestic manufacturers’ claims to determine if the factory can produce the same product in quantities that meet consumer demand. If the USTR opinion is that requested relief will harm a domestic producer, the petition will be denied.

SFIA will monitor domestic opposition and notify anyone who submitted an MTB relief petition that is opposed by a domestic producer. Domestic opposition does not mean the petition will be denied, but it will require additional review by the USTR to determine the validity of the opposition.

Please let SFIA know if you have any questions.

Contact: Bill Sells, bsells@sfia.org
Contact: Chander Hoffman, choffman@sfia.org

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