Footwear & apparel hit hardest — Whole industry will be impacted

The USTR just released List 4 of tariffs on Chinese-made products. The new 10 percent tariffs will go into effect in two stages, September 1st and December 15th .

On quick review, many SFIA member products are targeted for tariffs — footwear and apparel are hit the hardest, but equipment, headgear and components were also tagged for new tariffs.

Please find links to the two lists below. SFIA will scrub the two lists thoroughly to provide you with more information on any Exemptions granted and the List 4 Exclusion process shortly. There is some good news - Exclusions have had a success rate six times higher than exemptions, so there is hope.

List 4A is effective September 1, 2019.

List 4B is effective December 15, 2019.

Please contact Bill Sells or Chandler Hoffman with any questions or information on the List 4 Exclusion process.

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