Healthy Lifestyles Prevent & Limit Problems Caused by COVID-19 or a Future Pandemic

Leading a healthy, active lifestyle is always important; however, it is now more important than ever. With a COVID-19 rapidly spreading across the globe, everyone is vulnerable, but some are more vulnerable than others. Inactive individuals are more likely to have chronic illness, making them more likely to contract the virus and suffer from more severe symptoms.

In addition, inactivity is a leading cause of obesity. According to STOP Obesity Alliance’s latest publication, Obesity and COVID-19, “The growing prevalence of obesity and severe obesity worldwide make the global population more susceptible to high mortality from infectious disease pandemics like COVID- 19.”

“The rising international rates of obesity, and its related comorbidities, have created a global population that is increasing susceptible to serious illness from novel infectious diseases.”

In order to make a difference in the American population, we must take legislative action and institute financial incentive encouraging Americans to participate in activity on a regular basis. Not only will this protect more individuals from suffering from the virus, but it will save money in healthcare dollars, save more rooms and hospital beds for individuals facing unavoidable circumstances, and provide the opportunity for more Americans to enjoy longer, healthier lives.

We ask that all Americans reach out to their members of Congress and ask them to support the PHIT Act, making physical activity more affordable!

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