Coronavirus Cancels Youth Sports

The New York Times published and article on March 16, “Tears and Disbelief as Coronavirus Cancels Youth Sports,” stating:

Little League baseball has shut down. Youth lacrosse and soccer clubs have suspended their seasons. Travel teams across all sports have been grounded. The coronavirus pandemic has done what generations of overbearing parents and coaches have failed to do: send millions of boys and girls to the sideline.

The impact of the emerging health crisis was felt immediately at the high school level as state championships in basketball, ice hockey and wrestling were canceled from Montana to New Jersey.

Hearts were broken. Tears were shed.

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What will this mean for our industry? What will this mean for the health of America? As kids are encouraged to stay inside, practices and games are canceled, and activity requires the extra effort and creativity, could this have a lifelong impact on our children? For many years, we have suffered an inactivity pandemic, and as participation numbers started to slowly increase in recent years, the coronavirus might be strong enough to fight the positive momentum. Now is the crucial time for Americans to get creative — Stay healthy and active, without exposing yourself or your children to the virus. And we hope this passes, and we will overcome the drawbacks stemming from the spread of coronavirus. But for now, stay inside, and stay healthy…

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