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The List 3 Exclusion petition deadline is September 30th and the U.S.T.R. will be announcing the List 4 Exclusion process soon. To help you prepare, SFIA wanted to provide you with some key insights based on the Exclusion results from the List 1 & List 2 Exclusion process. Please find tips to increase your prospects for successful Exclusion petition below:

  • USTR will grant exclusions for specific products within a 10 digit HTS Code, not blanket exclusions for all products imported under a 10 digit HTS code.
  • File Exclusion petitions for a single product — HTS codes can contain more than 100 SKUs and multiple variances of the same product. Although an exclusion request may contain multiple SKUs, it may not be possible to include all of them in one single request. Generally the more limited the scope of the petition the better. Exclusion requests have been rejected due to multiple “products” on same petition although it is acceptable to include different variances of a product in a single petition so long as the petition does not cover multiple “products.”
  • Define your product narrowly and with detailed information — You know your product best, include unique features, composition and materials used when describing your product to ensure the final Exclusion definition matches your product.tari

CLICK HERE to download the List 3 Exclusion worksheet. The deadline to submit List 3 exclusions to SFIA is September 20th. This is to allow time for review and preparation before the September 30th filing deadline.

Please send all completed forms to Chandler Hoffman,

Note: The cost to participate for SFIA Members is $2,000 per petition, while the non-member price is $6,000 per petition.

CLICK HERE to download a preliminary worksheet to help you prepare for List 4 Exclusions.

We will provide you with the formal exclusion petition form when USTR announces the List 4 Exclusion process.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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