CHINA TARIFF UPDATE: List 4 Treatment of Product on Water

Many are asking about exactly when products will be impacted by List 4 tariffs. To be clear, there will be no grace period.

Bill Sells, SFIA’s Senior Vice President of Government & Public Affairs, met with the USTR yesterday (Aug. 13) and was told that there will be no grace period for list 4A products on the water on September 1st. Any Chinese imports not unloaded at a U.S. port by September 1st will be subject to the new tariffs, unless they have received an exemption or exclusion.

SFIA will be announcing the exclusion process as soon as the USTR has informed us of key dates and other necessary information. SFIA is currently offering a program to assist with filing List 3 exclusion petitions (for more information, click here), and will offer a similar program to assist with List 4 tariff exclusion petitions (once the process is announced).

List 4A is effective September 1, 2019.
List 4B is effective December 15, 2019.

Please contact Bill Sells ( or Chandler Hoffman ( with any questions or information on the List 4 Exclusion process.

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