ASTM F08.57 Women’s Softball Mask TG Meeting — May 2020

The F08.57 Women’s Softball Mask TG for the Defensive Face Mask for Women’s Softball will meet at the Spring ASTM Conference in Boston on Tuesday, May 12, 2020 from 2:30–3:30 PM. The meeting will take place at the Boston Marriott Copley Plaza. You can download the Conference schedule there (check it often) as schedule changes do occur. You can also reserve a room at the Copley Plaza on the website.

If you would like to attend you must be a member of ASTM and registered for the convention. If you have not registered for membership yet or for the convention, you can do both at

Once you are a member you can access our Collaboration Area WK70909 — Defensive Player Mask for Women’s Softball. Here you can read draft standards and post suggestions on the proposed document. The collaboration area will be use to communicate with you regarding standard proposals, developments, communications, meeting minutes and ballots, etc.. There are several documents and comments currently posted. You can access the collaboration area at this link: Please feel free to put your comments, suggestions or concerns on a document or a new document in this area. All members of the TG will have access to documents in the Collaboration area.

Joe Koury is the F08 liaison to ASTM and is available if you have trouble joining ASTM or reaching the collaboration area. He is copied on this email. Dale Pfriem, ICS Labs is Chair of the sub committee and Jim Archibald of STX is the vice chair. I will lead the TG initially until a person with more technical expertise is selected to lead the TG. I will stay in an administrative role to help efforts go smoothly if needed.

If you have accessed our collaboration area you may have noticed the topic includes a reference to the mask being attached to a helmet. That is incorrect and being changed. The standard will be for the face mask without any type of helmet headgear.

Questions about ASTM membership, accessing the collaboration area other ASTM concerns please contact Joe. Questions about the purpose of the standard or how we hope to go about developing the standard please contact me, Gregg Hartley, at

— Gregg Hartley

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